Keyboard Shortcuts! for Outlook

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook everyday like I do; I bet you wonder sometimes, if there are shortcuts and ways to make some of the functions simpler. Today, I am going to leave you a few tips and tricks to make using Outlook a little easier.

If you look at the words in the Ribbon or in a box that will allow for input—you will notice that one letter is underlined. This underline indicates a shortcut. In order to utilize the shortcut, all you have to do is Press the ALT key and the letter that is underlined in the word. This will give a command to the computer, the same as you clicking the button or the word.

An example of this would be the word “Subject” in a new email window. The “u” is underlined. Now, if you use ALT + U. The cursor will move to the Subject box in the email window. Cool right? Below are some of my favorites, that get used the most. 🙂

Keyboard Shortcuts (PC): 

Send email: ALT + S

Forward email: CTRL + F (with email open/selected)

Reply All: CTRL + SHIFT + R (with email open/selected)

Reply to sender: CTRL + R

To open an email that is selected: CTRL + O

Compose a new email: CTRL + N

Create a new contact (in your address book): CTRL + SHIFT + C

Open Advanced Search box: CTRL + SHIFT + F

Create a new calendar Appointment: CTRL + SHIFT + A

Open Address Book: CTRL + SHIFT + B

*These shortcuts will work with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, 2013, Office 365.